Plumbing Leak Repair

From tiny drips to lake forming deluges, we repair leaks in homes and businesses across the Lower Mainland.

Across Town Plumbing and Heating offers emergency 24/7 leak repair service to our commercial and residential customers in Vancouver, Richmond, the Tri-Cities (Coquitlam, Burnaby and New Westminster) and the Fraser Valley (Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford). We know how quickly leaks can damage your property, displacing residents or temporarily closing your business.

Plumbing leaks, whether in pipes or drains, can happen in buildings of any age, even new construction.

To minimize disruptions and down time, we address the problem quickly with a long term solution.

In cases where drains are backing up but there is no immediately apparent blockage, we use a drain camera to uncover the mystery. As we do this, we record what the camera sees, then both show it to you and provide the footage to your insurance company upon your request. With this complete understanding of the problem, we can fix the leak in a clean, systematic way that saves you money and helps you to avoid the disruption that comes with less surgical methods.

Across Town Plumbing and Heating is ready when you need us. If you are in Greater Vancouver, keep our contact information handy for the next time you encounter water where it’s not supposed to be.

Hear what folks are saying!

Across Town plumbing team have been going out of their way to providing a professional, and efficient service, and making sure they are providing high quality service at a very reasonable price for every task, job or project, regardless of size, ensuring all permits were in place when necessary.

Stefan Gherghinoiu, PMP, P.Eng., Director Projects
Citadel Technologies Corporations