Hydro Jetting surrey & Vancouver

Water jet cleaning is typically used to break up stubborn blockage or to remove debris such as grease that has become built up on the inside of the pipe. To resolve these problems, here at Across Town Plumbing and Heating our trained technicians use water that is pressurized by one of our portable rigid gas powered hydro-jetting machines. This water flushes the debris from your system using our speciality designed cleaning heads attached to flexible high pressure hoses.

The high Velocity water jet equipment can be operated at any pressure up to 3000 psi ( pounds per square). This flexibility allows our technicians to select the appropriate pressure to get the job done.

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Across Town plumbing team have been going out of their way to providing a professional, and efficient service, and making sure they are providing high quality service at a very reasonable price for every task, job or project, regardless of size, ensuring all permits were in place when necessary.

Stefan Gherghinoiu, PMP, P.Eng., Director Projects
Citadel Technologies Corporations